Vegan activists pour milk out onto floor in Harrods before being grabbed by security

Vegan activists pour milk out onto floor in Harrods before being grabbed by security
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Vegan activists have been slammed after being filmed pouring bottles of milk onto the floor of Harrods.

The protest at the high-end luxury west London retailer was staged to “highlight the environmental destruction of the dairy industry”.

Clips of the incident posted on social media showed a group of around five vegan activists taking bottles of milk from the fridge in the shop’s food hall and pouring them out onto the store’s tiled floor in front of customers.

Another section of the video showed security staff, and what appeared to be a customer who slipped over on the milk, removing the activists from the scene.

The protest was staged by the group Animal Rebellion – a group connected to the environmental activist collective Extinction Rebellion – against the dairy industry.

Some online have criticised the group's method of protest for its impact on the low-paid staff who would have been tasked with cleaning up their mess.

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On Twitter, one person argued: “When self entitled, Vegan activists enter Harrods to pour milk all over the place, they should be arrested and forced to clean it up.

“Creating more work for cleaners on a low wage doesn’t strike me as the ‘right side of history’.”

Another argued: “I’m sure this will really affect the Harrods owners and the dairy industry rather than the poor sods on minimum wage who have to clear it up.”

Similarly, someone else added: “That'll teach the, um, cleaners?

“Meanwhile, Harrods order *more* milk to replace the damaged stock. Bra-f**king-vo, protesters.”

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