Lego bet between husband and wife goes viral and millions of people are now invested

Lego bet between husband and wife goes viral and millions of people are now invested
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Anyone who is competitive and has been challenged with a bet will understand the determination to win - as one woman demonstrated in a viral TikTok when her husband told her he would give her one-hundred dollars to create the ultimate Lego tower.

And she certainly took the bet very seriously...

Jessica Cook (@jessicacooook) took to TikTok to explain how the bet came to be and how she was going to give it a bash.

"It is currently 1:37 and my husband just left to go to a concert overnight and he and I've been sitting here building this [shows Lego block] and he told me if I build this all the way up to touch the ceiling he will give me a hundred dollars when he gets back."

Cook then detailed how the deal got sweetened: "His nephew who's going [with her husband] also told me he will give me a hundred dollars if I can make this reach the ceiling. So I'm gonna stay up and I'll keep you guys updated."

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Rising to the challenge for the two-hundred dollar cash reward, Cook decided to think tactically about how to approach the big build.

"The one rule that my husband had for building this is that it has to be able to sit perfectly on the floor in wedge against the ceiling so now I'm debating should I measure this [shows Lego] and measure how tall the ceiling is and then divide it by that number so I can see exactly - to make sure it will fit before I do all this work because what if I get up there and then it doesn't fit, it'll be freaking devastating."


I take bets very seriously.

A few hours later and Cook had made some progress.

"Okay it is now 4:15 and this is how far I am - I'm like 5"8, 5"9," as she shows that she has built the block of lego past her head.

In another update, she said: "Now it is almost 7 and I had to stop and eat dinner take a break and I have them [blocks] in three separate pieces so we're gonna try again."

"Okay I got it up but it won't stand without me holding it, we're so close to the ceiling," as she panned to her impressive tower which is just inches away from the ceiling. "I've been doing this since like one-something just because I want two-hundred bucks, honestly it's a matter of principle and pride at this point."

"Alright 7:30 - I did it," Cook says as she then reveals how she's managed to build her tower block to touch the ceiling. "I'll let you guys know when I collect my two-hundred," she added.


Reply to @britneyrene I sent him this as soon as it was finished!! Haha

Since attempting the challenge, Cook's video has received 5.5m views, 1.1m likes, along with over a thousand comments from people who were impressed with her tower block.

One person said: "Omg!! The dedication!! Way to go."

"And then you kept it there forever because your husband and nephew paid $200 for this art piece and installation," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Working 1:30-7:30 $200/6 hrs = over $33/hr for building Legos pretty sweet gig."

"I’m just worried they are going to open that door and knock it down lol," a fourth person replied, to which Cook revealed some pretty devasting news and responded: "MY BIG DUMB DOG KNOCKED IT OVER."

Luckily she made a video documenting her project as proof to claim the well-earned two-hundred dollars.

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