What to do if you're caught outside during a lightning storm

A man from Australia has claimed he can predict storms after being struck by lightning.

Back in 2015, Kristoffer Green, 31, was heading to the hospital to have his daughter's wasp sting checked out. Acknowledging the dark clouds, he recalled telling his daughter they should "watch out".

No one could have predicted what was to follow when a lightning bolt struck the top of his umbrella and travelled through his body.

“The umbrella has a wooden handle, but the tip of my right index finger was resting on the metal pole in the centre,” he told 9News.

“It was just like a blinding light, and then I blacked out. My wife said I just simply collapsed.”

Green's wife rushed him to the hospital for urgent medical attention. When they had hooked him to a monitor, he said his heart was racing "a million miles an hour".

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Green was incredibly lucky to survive the strike. However, the incident left him with lingering psychological effects.

The man claims he can sense a storm coming after the incidentiStock

"If there was a storm, I would get stressed and have heart palpitations," he said Green, adding that he used to enjoy watching the extreme weather.

For days after the lightning strike, Green's arm wouldn't stop tingling. He has since claimed that his arm often plays up when a storm is on the horizon.

"For a few years after the strike, my right arm - where the lightning went through - would tingle and start to hurt before a storm was overhead," he explained.

"I even sometimes still do it. I'll say to my wife, 'There's a storm coming, hun' and sure enough, a few hours later, there's a storm coming in."

In the UK, 30-60 people are struck by lightning each year, with approximately three of them being fatal, according to RoSPA.

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