Slapstick moment cyclist crashes while taking selfie during live news broadcast

Slapstick moment cyclist crashes while taking selfie during live news broadcast

Countless TV news correspondents have seen their live broadcasts interrupted by jokers wanting to get on screen.

But when one cyclist became the star of an MSNBC segment on Monday, we’re pretty sure it wasn’t intentional.

The incident occurred as US presenter Guad Venegas was delivering a report on the latest country’s official face mask guidance.

He was addressing viewers from a beach in Santa Monica, California, days after America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) controversially announced that people fully vaccinated against coronavirus no longer need to wear a covering in most indoor settings.

However, the serious discussion suffered an accidental comic turn when a person riding their bike suddenly appeared in shot.

Riding down the walkway, while attempting to take a selfie, the person lost their balance and tumbled.

Inevitably, it happened just as they were directly behind Venegas – in other words, centre stage.

The cyclist’s selfie attempt didn’t quite go as plannedMSNBC

Fortunately, the unwitting screen star was unharmed by the fall, and quickly got up – phone still in hand – to carry on their trip (albeit a little swervingly).

Still, they didn’t manage to escape the notice of NBC anchor Geoff Bennett back in the studio, who chuckled as he pointed out: “As you were speaking a guy fell off his bike but he seems to be doing OK. He’s kept it moving, luckily.”

The cameo was also caught by scores of Twitter users, who delighted in the slapstick mishap.

Here’s what they had to say:

We just hope that the cyclist is better at keeping Covid-safe than they are at multitasking…

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