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A fed-up homeowner is being forced into making "minimal noise" at their house - because of their neighbour's newborn baby.

Taking to the popular sub-Reddit Am I The A**hole, the person anonymously began her post by saying that her garage is around "3 metres away" from her neighbour's bedroom where their baby sleeps.

"I've got a roller door which beeps quietly four times within 20 seconds of me arriving home and pushing the button," they said.

"It's so quiet that at times I can't hear it when sitting in the room adjacent to the garage when my partner comes home."

They then said that since her neighbour gave birth, they made a conscious effort to be "more considerate of noise."

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"Despite already soundproofing my rumpus room, I've stopped playing my drums after 6pm. I've also declined hosting friends outside in my backyard due to noise."

But it seems as if that wasn't considerate enough for the neighbour.

"I get home from work at 11pm and put my car in the garage. A couple weeks ago, my neighbour approached me and asked if I could wait until the morning to put my car away, but I declined as there have been break-ins to cars on our street lately," they said before adding that their car is an enthusiast's car and is targeted by thieves a lot because the parts are pricey.

The Redditor expressed that they apologised to the neighbour but remained firm when they said they would not leave their car out overnight.

"I'm also confused, as I have an after market exhaust on the car, which is louder than the original, but they have nothing to say about it."

"The wife came over and basically said she had put up with my noise for long enough and that she was exhausted due to the kid never sleeping, thanks to the noise I make." iStock

However, one night the Redditor came back home to see the neighbour's husband's car blocking their driveway to the point where they couldn't get their car through.

"It was kind of useless because I pushed the button before I even reached my driveway, so it beeped anyway," they said.

The neighbour and husband didn't come out of their house, so the Redditor took matters into their own hands and had their car towed away. As a result, "they haven't done it since."

On another day, they decided that they would play their drums around lunchtime in their "soundproofed rumpus" room.

They said that only minimal vibration could be heard from the kick outside, but it was at the back of their property and far away from their neighbours.

And again, there were still complaints.

"The wife came over and basically said she had put up with my noise for long enough and that she was exhausted due to the kid never sleeping, thanks to the noise I make."

The Redditor said they were still a bit bothered by the husband blocking their driveway, ended up snapping a bit, and informed her that they were "being considerate enough" and accommodating to the situation.

They also said that they had "until 10pm in our council" to essentially make noise, but they cut it off at 6pm to be courteous.

"I said that from now on, she'll have to get over it because I was done catering to her and her family."

People in the post's comments supported the Redditor and how reasonable they were being with their neighbours.

One wrote: "It sounds like you've been very reasonable, and you're allowed to live your life. They chose to have the baby. Surely they knew things might wake it up?"

"My brother and sister-in-law invested in a white noise machine for their newborn instead of chasing neighbors down expecting them to accommodate their new baby,' another added.

A third wrote: "Not that it's a good excuse, but she probably is exhausted, and this is one of those 'need something to blame' kind of things. She is probably fixated on you and your 'noise' because it's something that's right next door and something she can directly 'attack' in a manner of speaking. It sounds as if she's unlucky enough to have one of those babies that just doesn't sleep much or well. That's not your fault, though."

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