People are sharing the most ridiculous ‘substantial meals’ they’ve had in pubs since lockdown lifted
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

People are sharing the most ridiculous ‘substantial meals’ they’ve had at the pub.

Under tier 1 and tier 2 coronavirus restrictions in England, customers are required to buy a substantial meal alongside any alcohol.

But how exactly to define that has been a matter of debate. Should, for instance, a scotch egg count count, as environment minister George Eustice suggested? How about a small bowl of chips?

The whole concept of a “substantial meal” has been largely ridiculed by those baffled by the terminolgy and trying to fins loopholes to get around it.

And as was to be expected, the whole thing has become something of a social media trend as people started posting some of the more absurd orders they received.

What can you buy from pubs that don’t ordinarily serve food?

And how much alcohol can you then buy once your substantial meal’s been consumed?

This person’s receipt would suggest a lot.

As would these…

The fact that implementing coronavirus restrictions has boiled down to a debate about scotch eggs probably tells you everything you need to know about how clear the government’s messaging has been throughout this pandemic.

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