<p>Annoying pop-up ads.</p>

Annoying pop-up ads.

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There are many things in the world that people are perplexed or annoyed by for various reasons.

But what if those ‘irritating’ things are so annoying that some people think they should become illegal?

One Redditor posted a recent question in a thread titled, “What would you like to be illegal, but isn’t?”

And the people of Reddit decided to reveal all the things that they feel need to be recognized as ‘criminal’ in the eyes of the law, sort of.

Check out what they had to say.

1. Stock trading by politicians. I’m not allowed to trade individual stocks because I’m a back-office software engineer at a hedge fund, yet politicians can trade stocks? Bulls***”

They’re generally pretty well off as it is, so it’s understandable that people don’t want them using inside connections to get richer.

2. “Sirens during radio commercials”

The worst feeling - driving in traffic and thinking a cop car or ambulance is right behind you.

3. “Robocalls”

As one poster commented, “Any unsolicited cold calls. Stop bothering me! I can’t afford [it] and don’t want your s***!”

4. “Entry-level jobs that REQUIRE experience”

One would think it's called entry-level for a reason...

5. “Pop-up ads. Double ads. Ads that say things like, ‘Click this to learn the trick to big dick’ or ‘Hot girls in your area.’ Too many ads in a f****** video. There [are] too many ads everywhere!!!! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

Pop-up ads always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. We can be in the middle of playing a game on our phones, or we’re in the middle of reading an article on a website. It’s not the most user-friendly.

6. “Stopping your shopping cart in the dead-centre of the aisle. Pick a side, bozo!”

Treat the isles like incoming traffic on roads. All will be well, hopefully.

7. “Extremely bright headlights. Like glad, you can see the inside of a f***ing cow, but that s*** is in my damn rearview mirror, and you are going to cause me to wreck”

Headlights are important to put on, especially when driving at night. But the brighter they are, the harder it is for others to see.

8. “Not using headphones in a public space”

Even if you’re listening to the best song in your opinion, some people won’t share those sentiments, especially if you have the volume on 1,000!

9. “Paying for shows/movies on streaming sites that you already have to pay for (looking at you, Prime Video)”

It can be frustrating when streaming platforms charge an extra fee for a movie that is over a decade old. At that point, we might as well go to a movie theater and spend a ridiculous amount on tickets and food.

10. “Unpaid internships”

A little compensation is always welcomed.

11. “Not flushing the toilet after using it”

That’s quite a sight to see.

12. “Black clothes that fade”

Yeah, it’s not the best look.

13. “Revving your engine at every f****** red light. I am not gonna race your mustang with my wife and kids in the minivan”

Maybe we should keep the races to the Fast and Furious squad.

14. “The volume on commercials being louder than the actual show itself

It seems that they really want their message to be heard.

15. “Not returning your shopping cart to the shopping cart return area. I mean, seriously, how lazy do you have to be to see it and think, ‘Man, that’s a whole aisle over, ima just leave it right here so people have to park around it and an employee has to come retrieve it.’”

Put it back where you found it, please, and thank you.

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