This thoroughly depressing list sums up life as a 90s child perfectly

There are many truths that 90s kids will hold to be self-evident.

The original Pokemons Blue and Red were better than any other iteration. The internet used to go skawee reweert. And toys in cereal boxes just ain't what they used to be anymore.

Do you relate to this list of "things only 90s kids will understand" we found on Nerdom?

  • Tamagotchis
  • Pokemon Cards
  • Sony Walkmen
  • The crushing realisation that you're stuck between a generation of people who believed that hard work could accomplish anything and that you should live your dreams, while the generation that came after you is living far better by being in the right place at the right time and having the foresight to study in newly developed fielsd, thus leaving you to tend to your hopeless, demolished expectations and dreams for the future
  • Pogs

Generation Z are coming. Be afraid.

Picture: Otmar Winterleitner/iStock
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