<p>TikTok Shauna shared how Belgium’s rainy weather affects parking</p>

TikTok Shauna shared how Belgium’s rainy weather affects parking


A woman has left TikTok in stitches after speculating about the reason that Belgium has so much free parking.

Shauna Dewit (@shaunadewit), who shares her day-to-day life living in Belgium on TikTok, gave an apparent insight into why Belgians rarely have to pay for parking – and she thinks it’s to do with the weather.

Wearing a green coat with the hood up during a downpour, she began: “You know most of the parkings in Belgium are free. Let me tell you why [sic].

“The machines to pay the parkings work with solar panels - let me show you,” Shauna said, as she then panned the camera to show a parking meter that has several solar panels on its surface, which are wet due to the rain.

Shauna shows the parking meter with the solar panelsTikTok/shaunadewit

“You see. But it is free, why?” She asks, before dropping a hilarious diss about the country’s weather: “Because there is never any f***ing sun in Belgium.”

Considering Shauna is filming while wearing a raincoat during grey skies – with not a single ray of sunshine – lots of people were on board with the explanation.

Though, this information didn’t really affect the TikToker, who added: “I don’t care, because I don’t have a car. I don’t have a licence. I don’t have a life. I don’t have myself...”

Shauna’s video has received over 13.5m views, with 2.2m likes, and thousands of comments from people who were amused at the revelation and her comment at the end. You can watch the TikTok video in full here.

One person wrote: “The weather always changes every 5 minutes.”

“The ending was dark... just like living in Belgium,” another person said.

Someone else added: “Went from free parking to existential crisis.”

“We need this in the UK, it’s always raining here,” a fourth person replied.

But some questioned whether the solar panels would stop working because of the bad weather.

One person asked: “Can anyone verify this though? Coming from an engineer, the panels should be working regardless of direct sunlight, it’s the diffused light that matters.”

Guess Shauna was probably just joking around about her country’s weather – though Belgium does get around 200 days of rainfall each year, according to World Nomads.

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