Video shows just how much Fox News showered Trump with praise compared to Biden

Joe Biden has been president for little more than two weeks now but as a video from The Daily Show proves, he’s already getting much harsher treatment from Fox News than they ever gave to Donald Trump.

It’s no shock or surprise that Fox was somewhat biased towards Trump and his presidency. Many of the networks most prominent anchors would often bend-over-backwards to praise the ex-president, on even some of his most controversial issues, whereas nearly every other prominent news outlet in the US was critical of him.

It would appear that the table has turned now that Biden is president as Fox is more than happy to criticise the Democrat and his new administration, even over the pettiest of issues. 

In a video made by The Daily Show, featuring prominent Fox hosts such as Steve Doocy, Lou Dobbs, Laura Ingraham, Jeanine Pirro and Sean Hannity, it demonstrates the lengths they would go just to praise the president, mostly when they were interviewing him for one of their shows.

One particular moment sees the aforementioned Doocy complain about how much the ‘mainstream media’ loves Biden. The video then immediately flips to a scene of Doocy at the White House with Trump and his Fox and Friends co-hosts, fawning over how ‘beautiful’ he thinks one of Trump’s hotels is.

The video has already been viewed more than one million times on Twitter which is probably deserved for whoever had to comb through all those hours of Fox News.

Although the likes of CNN were a lot more critical of Trump than Fox, we’ve let to see them shower the type of praise that Fox gave Trump during his four years in the White House.

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