Couple tells wedding guests that masks aren’t allowed at the ceremony

Couple tells wedding guests that masks aren’t allowed at the ceremony

On a couple’s wedding day, it is appropriate to partake in their wishes to make the day as wonderful as it possibly can be.

But what happens when one of the wishes could be a health concern amid the pandemic?

Well, one couple in particular seemingly put up a sign that asked their wedding guests not to wear masks at the ceremony.

In the r/weddingshaming platform, an anonymous user posted a picture of the sign they “found in an Oklahoma wedding resale group” that seemed interesting.

“Unplugged ceremony. We invite you to be fully present with us during our ceremony. Please turn off all cellphones & enjoy the special moment with us. Thank you! No masks, please,” the sign said.

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People in the comments were on board with the sign’s message until the ending mentioned “no masks.”

“I mean, it’s a bit snooty, but not an unreasonable reques- oh. Ohhh,” someone wrote.

“Look, I get not wanting to be reminded of the pandemic every time you look at photos, but if that’s the case, wait until the pandemic is over, or just look at it as a ‘wow, look what we survived!” thing,’” another added.

“I’m sitting here thinking this is a lovely sign and a wonderful idea about turning off our gadgets. I was lost why this photo was here until I started reading the comments. Then I saw the bottom line and went, ‘oohhh.’ So controversial..,” wrote a third.

Someone else wrote, “I would happily turn my ass around and not attend if I saw this sign.”

As of October 15, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  stated that fully vaccinated people should get Covid tests five to seven days after being in close proximity to people who are “suspected or confirmed Covid-19.”

Afterwards, vaccinated people should wear “a mask indoors in public for 14 days after exposure” or if there is a negative test result.

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