Video of woman trying to free chipmunk left people unprepared for the outcome

Video of woman trying to free chipmunk left people unprepared for the outcome
''Abracadabra' persistent chipmunk tries to fit a whole peanut in her mouth ...

A video that showed a woman trying to free a chipmunk left people unprepared for the outcome.

In a video uploaded to the TikTok account @getburly, you can see the woman trying to execute a plan to free the chipmunk that appears to be stuck in her window.

“I’m so scared; listen, let’s make a deal, baby,” the woman said, referring to the woodland critter.

“I’m going to safely get you out,” she added before she said that the chipmunk’s “heart is racing.”

“I’m going to open [the window], and you just scurry right out there back to your happy whimsical life.”

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Begging the chipmunk not to bite her or harm her children, she cracked the window ever so slightly. It appeared to frighten her.

Calling out to what seemed to be her children, the woman shared the plan of action to free the chipmunk.

“If I scream, everything is fine,” she said, which elicited some nervous laughter.

As the woman continued to crack the window, the chipmunk appeared to be coming down with the window. Then when she tried to lift the bottom part of the window, she realised that the chipmunk appeared to rise back up.

"This is like a medieval game,” the woman said as she decided to pull the window down again.

This time, the chipmunk reached the bottom of the window, becoming free.

But seemingly confused, the chipmunk was trying to climb back up the window, which the woman promptly shut down.

Things then took a complete turn.

Ushering the chipmunk to run in the direction of the door to be free, her dog comes out of nowhere and swoops the chipmunk into its mouth.

Screaming, the woman runs to grab the camera and chase the dog.


This went well 😫😫😫 #traumatized

The viral video, which was also shared on Twitter, had people completely gobsmacked by the video’s conclusion.

One person on TikTok wrote: “Idk what I was expecting, but it was NOT the dog.”

“‘If I scream everything is fine,’ everything proceeds to not be fine,” another added.


People on Twitter shared similar sentiments.

“Biggest plot twist [of] 2022,” one wrote.

Someone else also noted that this video should win a “best picture” award and added: “This should win an Oscar for “best picture.”

Indy100 reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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