Smart bra can detect signs of breast cancer

A woman took to TikTok to share what her saline breast implants looked like two years after she removed them from her body.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user Bunnie (@xomgitsbunnie). In the now-viral clip , she shows two stained implants with what Bunnie says is mold.

The Tiktoker said that she had the implants removed in 2020 after she suspected they were making her sick

“I had implants in for 13 years,” she wrote in the text overlay of the video. “I started suffering so many symptoms that not one doctor could pinpoint. So I explanted in Nov 202 & it was the best decision I ever made! All symptoms went away, except anxiety sometimes.”

She then shows her saline breast implants which she says have “just been sitting” since she got them taken out. “Look at that. That goes inside of a human body,” she says in the video. “Look at the mold. No wonder why women are having so many complications with these things. It’s disgusting.”

Later on in the video, Bunnie said that suffered from an affliction called “breast implant illness.”


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She urged those watching to regularly be aware and get a check up if they think their implants are causing them problems.

“Please make sure you talk to someone if you think [your] implants are causing breast implant illness,” she wrote. “We don’t have to suffer in our quest for perfection babies.”

Breast implant illness is as of yet not considered an official diagnosis, however, it has become an umbrella term to describe a wide range of symptoms that many report after they receive breast implants. As the symptoms and ways it affects people's bodies are incredibly diverse, it makes it very difficult for doctors to accurately diagnose.

“I have seen so many people getting explants over the past year bc they had been sick for years w/random things & it was all bc of implants,” one said in the comments.

“One of my really good friends just had hers removed cause she was having so many symptoms from them she said she wish she never got them,” another person wrote.

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