Lifehacks that will only make your life worse

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Do not try these at home. And, yes, they are all genuine pieces of advice.

How not to deal with slow walkers:

There’s another way to get past groups of chattering Oxford Street tourists – simply by keeping a bike bell on your person, and surreptitiously ‘dinging’ it as you approach the snail-paced strollers. Victory for fast walkers!

Via Time Out

Top culinary tips:

If you can’t find a knife, or are afraid to use one, unscented dental floss is the best way to cut cakes, pastries and other soft food items in a perfect manner.

Via Wonderful Engineering

This has not been thought through:

Hide emergency money in a sanitary napkin pouch. No one will steal that.

Via Viral Nova

This travel hack could get you sacked:

If your company has work-from-home flexibility, use those as the first and last days of your vacation. Since most airports have Wifi, you’ll probably be able to grind out a couple hours of work. Hey, if you’re a citizen of the world, you can interpret 'home' liberally.

Via Elite Daily

Lightly season your face to make an instant bronzer:

Even if it’s winter or you rarely get out in the sunlight, you can look like you have just stepped off the beach. Just mix together 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of cocoa, 1 teaspoon of nutmeg and 2 teaspoons of cornstarch. This makes a great bronzing powder that will give you that sun kissed look without actually having to spend any time in the sun.

Via DIYncrafts

How to impress women:

When keeping good eye contact, alternate your focus from eye to eye. Supposedly, it creates a sparkle in your eye and it's a good way to avoid dead stares.

Via Ask Men

There's no way that this could go wrong:

Come home drunk? Clean your home/ apartment. I hate falling asleep drunk, so if I ever have a few too many at the bar and come home, I always like to clean up my place. It’s a great way to sober up, the work goes by like a blur, and you wake up to a really nice environment.

Via Thought Catalog

And finally, this one is borderline dangerous:

Tie a scarf around your neck to create a cool-girl bend in your hair.

Via Cosmopolitan

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