The 10 best and 10 worst jobs to have in 2015

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According to CareerCast, these are the best and worst jobs to have this year.

The job search site says that its ranking of 200 jobs is based on "income, outlook, environmental factors, stress and physical demands". You can read more about its methodology here.

The 10 worst jobs of 2015:

1. Newspaper reporter

2. Lumberjack

3. Enlisted military personnel

4. Cook

5. Broadcaster

6. Photojournalist

7. Corrections officer

8. Taxi driver

9. Firefighter

10. Mail carrier

The 10 best jobs of 2015:

1. Actuary

2. Audiologist

3. Mathematician

4. Statistician

5. Biomedical engineer

6. Data scientist

7. Dental hygienist

8. Software engineer

9. Occupational therapist

10. Computer systems analyst

So in conclusion, if you're in the media, bad luck, but if you're good at maths, hurray.

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