Andrew Tate owns himself by pretending to sit in red hot sauna

Andrew Tate owns himself by pretending to sit in red hot sauna
Andrew Tate paces and smokes cigar hours after house arrest release from …

Andrew Tate has been mocked for sitting in what looks like a cold sauna.

The disgraced influencer has been placed under house arrest in Romania.

He posed on the bottom bench in the sweat room.

He appears to be sweating whilst wearing nothing but shorts and a towel.

However, sharp-eyed sauna experts zoomed in on the sauna thermometer.

It appears is set at 50ºC.

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Jam Press

This suggests that the sauna is actually cold as the average Sauna temperature in the UK must be between 80ºC and 100ºC.

Tate was also ridiculed for sitting on the bottom bench of the sauna, with some arguing its a spot reserved for kids.

Jiri Keronen said: “The thermometer on the wall shows that your sauna is about 50 degrees.

”You are sitting in a cold sauna, on the bottom bench reserved for children.”

Jon Eriksson said: “Sauna under 80ºC is not acceptable.

”Maybe for small children and fraile, elderly people.”

”That sauna is at 50 degrees, look at the gauges,” said someone else.

Jam Press

Another person said: “Is that shiny stuff sweat or baby oil?

”Surely he can’t be sweating in a cold sauna.

”What a wuss.”

Kenny Lay said: “Cringe.”

Tate, 36, is facing allegations of rape and people trafficking.

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