Avril Lavigne Calls Out Replacement Conspiracy Theory On Tiktok

Singer Avril Lavigne has responded to the long-standing conspiracy theory that the real Lavigne died and was replaced with a woman named Melissa in a viral TikTok.

The fan theory that a body double named Melissa Vandella replaced the Canadian singer has been ongoing since 2011.

According to the Wikipedia page dedicated to the theory, fans believe Lavigne died in 2003 soon after the success of her first album Let Go before being replaced.

The clone theory has even been reported by the Guardian, but Lavigne herself has maintained that there is no truth to the rumour.

In a new viral TikTok, the singer has addressed the bizarre rumours with a new trend on the platform of mimicking a punch.

The clip appears to be filmed onboard Lavigne’s tour bus with text overlay at the beginning of the video reading: “Every comment on my Instagram…”

Lavigne then made a punch movement towards the camera, as a punch sound played in the background. Text overlay said: “Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated.”

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Then, with an even louder hitting sound, Lavigne made a kick motion at the camera while the text overlay read: “Are you the real Avril?”

The clip has been viewed more than 11.7 million times and fans have been sharing their scepticism in the comments.

One TikTokker replied: “omg she addressed it.”

Another said: “I’m even more sus now.”

Someone else questioned: “But are you?”

“Subject is self aware,” another person joked.

Another person said: “This just made it so complicated.”

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