Britney Spears says she's just had first glass of red wine in 13 years as conservatorship ends

Britney Spears says she just enjoyed her first glass of red wine in 13 years - and she’s waited long enough.

The pop icon revealed in a lengthy post on Instagram that she’s taking advantage of her newfound freedom to indulge in life's pleasures since her conservatorship ended in November.

In her post, Spears addressed a previous video of herself dancing to Madonna she shared on the social media platform earlier this week that resulted. in a bit of controversy among her followers.

"I'm sure it looks weird me dancing to @madonna so much 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️… I see it … it's like I'm not trying as much like I'm INDULGING," she wrote alongside a photo of flowers. "Well that's exactly what her music does to me."

She then said she shared that she finally drank a glass of wine after a long period of time where she was unable to do so, writing, "I mean I had my first glass of red wine 🍷 last weekend !!! I've waited 13 years … that's long enough !!!"

The star even included a quick dig at her family, whom she has recently been increasingly speaking out about, “The sarcasm of me me me … my family taught me well by their actions … to be selfish and love thyself … play on.”

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As for the haters in her previous dancing clip, Spears admitted that she read the comments.

"In a world where we all have the right to speak … drive … buy alcohol … party … have cash … I apologize for INDULGING in front of the masses … and dancing a touch slower !!! I mean what was I thinking 😂?? Nobody's perfect !!!" she wrote.

Spears concluded, "Pss… Yes I read the comments and people are absolutely hateful 😒 ."

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