Colleen Ballinger accused of turning apology into a 'joke' by former fan

Colleen Ballinger releases singing 'apology' on YouTube

Collen Ballinger has been accused of making an apology into a “joke” by former fans after releasing a song about recent grooming allegations she has faced.

Ballinger, who is also known online by her persona “Miranda Sings”, has grown a large following comprised of millions of subscribers thanks to her satirical singing videos.

While Ballinger has faced accusations of fat-shaming and racial stereotyping in the past, recent allegations centre on alleged “grooming” of minors after screenshots emerged of her appearing to ask minors if they were “virgins”.

One former fan and YouTuber, Adam McIntyre, shared a video claiming that Ballinger “used” him and added: “This woman groomed me.”

In response to the allegations, Ballinger released a video of her own in which she played the ukelele and sang a song with lyrics, such as, “All aboard the toxic gossip train, travelling down the tracks of misinformation”.

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In the video, she claimed that she messaged her fans at the start of her career because she was a “loser” and said she now realises there should be some “boundaries” there.

The bizarre video was seen by McIntyre who responded in a live Twitch stream where he watched the video and later uploaded it to his YouTube.

McIntyre said: “I’m watching this video and she pulls out a f**king ukulele? She pulls out a ukulele and she starts…”

colleen ballinger responded... www.youtube.com

He continued: “We’re not getting a private apology and we’re getting a video of you singing a song making fun of it all?”

In the video description, McIntyre also wrote: “As much as Colleen discredited and made fun of me, I'm glad her video did ONE thing, show you all EXACTLY the type of evil woman she is.”

Sarcastically, he said, “I’m so glad this is a joke for her” as he continued to watch her sing about the serious allegations.

YouTuber Joshua Evans tweeted in response to Ballinger’s video, addressing fans who she may have hurt.

He wrote: “Anyone feeling hurt & gaslit right now, my message to you is this:

“Your experiences were real. The proof is there. Your trauma should be taken seriously. The proof is there. Your anger is justified. The proof is there.

“You deserve better. Take your power back. Sending you love.”

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