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For the Friends-obsessed among us, there is no quiz category more satisfying than one which tests our general knowledge of the beloved series.

Whether it be recreating Monica and Ross' dance routine or listing Joey's favourite foods, we've got it down. No one can beat us.

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Well, apart from maybe the stars of the show - as Courteney Cox did a Friends quiz and you can probably guess what happened nextx and Lisa Kudrow proved when they bossed an impromptu Friends quiz on the television show Celebrity Name Game.

During the American show, Cox - who played Monica Geller - had to describe a character, place or connection to the show without saying the answer and Kudrow - who played Phoebe Buffay - had to guess what it was.

Kudrow got all but one of the answers correct.

Safe to say they nailed it - and are very welcome to join our pub quiz team whenever they want.

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