Parents are defending David Beckham after he was criticised for kissing his daughter Harper on the lips

Parents have come to David Beckham’s defence after the footballer was trolled for kissing his daughter on the lips.

Victoria Beckham posted a photo on Instagram of her husband and daughter Harper, aged nine, at an organic farm in Gloucestershire.

In the photo, the father and daughter are kissing on the lips.

It reignited a debate about whether this is acceptable or not.

Beckham has previously sparked controversy for exactly the same thing, receiving harsh critiques from the likes of Piers Morgan.

This time was no different.

Some followers on Instagram shared their distaste.

One user commented “David, thank kind of kiss with your daughter .... is pretty weird.” Another wrote “lips are for couples.”

However, fans and parents rushed to Beckham’s defence.

On Instagram, jaimie_louisa commented: “Thank you for showing it is perfectly normal and right for a father to kiss his daughter on the lips as a sign of love and true affection.”

On Twitter, others agreed.

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