Doja Cat's 'incredible' VMA performance hit with conspiracy theories

Doja Cat's 'incredible' VMA performance hit with conspiracy theories
Doja Cat announces new album Scarlet will be released on September 22
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The MTV VMAs have been and gone for another year, with many calling the event one of the best in recent times.

From Nicki Minaj hosting the show and sharing a snippet from her upcoming album Pink Friday 2 to Shakira accepting the Vanguard award and Selena Gomez's viral reaction to a Chris Brown nomination, the VMAs certainly put on a show.

Now, let's face it. No award show would be complete with wild Satanist accusations – and this year, it was Doja Cat's turn.

Doja's incredible performance included three lead singles from her upcoming album Scarlet: 'Attention,' 'Paint the Town Red,' and 'Demons'.

Viewers soon rushed to social media to praise the star for raising the bar, with one writing: "Doja Cat is a PERFORMER. Her mic was on and the concept eats. A true artist."

Another added: "MY GOD!!! This performance is the best my eyes have ever seen."

Even Tiffany Haddish, Taylor Swift and Emily Ratajkowski showed their admiration in the audience, dancing along to Doja's set.

Doja Cat - "Attention" / "Paint The Town Red" / "Demons" | 2023 VMAswww.youtube.com

However, it didn't take long for conspiracy theorists to chime in accusing the star of worshipping the devil.

"Doja Cat is a good artist, but b**** I’m scared of this performance lol. It’s a lot of devil talk," one wrote, while another asked MTV "Why is Doja Cat promoting devil satanic mess?"

A third added: "Doja Cat what in the Demonic Devil performance was that on MTV music awards."

One X/Twitter user wrote: "Did Doja Cat just sacrifice herself to the devil on live TV?"

When it comes to A-list performances, Bill M, the Magister of the Church, previously toldIndy100 that he "can't believe the holy-rollers keep taking the bait," describing them as "so passé".

"I really have no idea where these Illuminati believers are getting their information on 'Satanism' and 'Satanic ritual' from," he says. "It's certainly not from any actual Satanic literature."

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