Donald Trump thinks he’s still on the campaign trail

Shawn Thew-Pool/Getty Images

Donald Trump has a one-track mind.

If a new thought pops into his head, Trump has a tendency to say it, regardless of the situation, who's in the room, or where the room is.

Take Wednesday, for example.

Donald Trump appointed New Jersey governor Chris Christie chair of a new commission into the US opioid crisis. This is the same man who reluctantly backed Trump in the Republican race.

Trump, rather than introduce him in the usual way a human would, saw a chance to remind everyone how quickly he'd endorsed him in the primaries, in a rambling, off-script humble-brag.

The public noticed:

Christie told told the AP on Wednesday he had no interest in a permanent role in the Trump administration, but that:

He asked me to help with this and I’m going to. 

It’s an issue that I care about a lot in New Jersey, and for the country, and so the President asked me to do this and I was happy to.

Several of Christie's former aides now work in the White House.

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