Picture: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Picture: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Repent! The post-truth clown-candidate Donald J. Trump has finally admitted to being fallible!

This week, he has declared on many an occassion that he had seen "top-secret" footage in January of an aircraft unloading money on the same day that the Iranian government released four American prisoners.

Speaking at a rally in Portland, Maine, on Thursday he told the crowd that the money, paid by the US, would be used to fund terrorism or line the pockets or Iranian politicians:

You saw that, with the airplane coming in? And the airplane coming in and the money coming off, I guess. That was given to us, has to be, by the Iranians. And you know why the tape was given to us? Because they want to embarrass our country.

His spokesperson said on Wednesday that the footage to which Trump had previously referred was in fact just B-roll footage from Geneva, not a secret Iranian tape.

Trump has now subsequently admitted he is wrong (sort of) in a tweet:

Perhaps the candidate's bad polling has made him think he needs to speak more carefully?


His campaign manager Paul Manafort later said, when asked of Trump's admission he hasn't seen any money actually transferred between the countries:

I'm not sure if there was confusion. The point that he was making is the cash transfer took place and it was taking place consistent with the transfer of hostages. Again what the Obama administration wants to do is get off of the point.

That's loud and clear, then.

Picture: John Moore/Getty Images

President Obama has since explained that the payments to Iran, which coincided with the negotiation for the release of detained US citizens, was actually part of a refund for fighter jets that were purchased by Iran from the US, but never delivered.

Obama told press on Thursday:

It's been interesting to watch this story surface. Some of you may recall, we announced these payments in January. Many months ago. There wasn't a secret. We announced them to all of you.

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