Here's what Russell Brand has to say about the election result

Here's what Russell Brand has to say about the election result

"Bloody hell, what's happened?!" may well have been the reaction of many of you when waking up this morning, and that's exactly how Russell Brand felt.

After what was supposed to be one of the closest elections in a generation, the Conservatives actually ended up winning a majority with the leaders of Labour, the Lib Dems and Ukip all resigning.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, the comedian-cum-activist, who fears that there'll be "no shortage of meanness over the next five years", says his main regret was that he ever thought he could have any influence on the result.

I think for a moment I got caught up in some mad The Thick of It. Like, oh wow, Ed Miliband’s in my house... And now actually the Conservatives have won.

He also admitted that he'd underestimated the power of the "old media and the establishment".

I felt like old media doesn’t have the sort of power that it used to. People don’t listen to the front pages of the Sun and the Mail. These things seem kind of ridiculous. But evidently, that is not the case. Evidently, the old media, the establishment is a powerful thing.

Nevertheless, despite getting the worst possible government for him, Brand says that the one weapon people have left is compassion.

The only currency we have now is compassion, and being nice to each other. We’re going to have no shortage of meanness over the next five years… So all we’ve got left is to be compassionate towards one another and get involved in causes we care about.

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