Kanye West reportedly paid a bartender $15,000 just to chat
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Kanye West paid $15,000 for a glass of water at a bar several years ago, according to a bartender sharing stories on TikTok.

Anessa Rossli, a bartender and actress based in Los Angeles, told the story of West’s expensive glass of water in a video shared last week.

“Kanye didn’t want to book a table. Kanye didn’t want to see the girls dance,” Rossli said her video. “He just came straight to the bar and started talking to me.”

She also noted that this bar, which she didn’t name, was a usual haunt for other celebrities - making West’s behavior even more unusual.

“He didn’t order anything to drink,” she continued. “He just got water on the rocks and proceeded to tell me all of his beliefs and where where we’re descended from, and how he believed that he was a true descendant of his creator.”

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Rossli said in the video’s caption that this happened a few years ago, but it does sound like Kanye. The twist, however, is the tip he left her, just for listening.

“He told me at the end of the night, ‘thank you for your time’, gave me $15,000 and said that he felt he was called to do this and left,” she said. “That’s the last time I’ve ever seen him.”

In the comment section, others are noting that this sounds like rumored typical Kanye behavior, for better or for worse.

“Kanye def did this!” said the Tik Tok user melissadrealtor in a comment. "He is known to be generous at the clubs.”

“People honestly don’t understand that celebrities are just people with money and sometimes they just need someone," added another commenter named Cristina.

Kanye West has yet to comment...

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