Katy Perry had an odd Russian-themed nickname for Russell Brand

Katy Perry had an odd Russian-themed nickname for Russell Brand
Russell Brand jokes about raping a woman in resurfaced podcast interview
Leicester Square Theatre Podcast/ Richard Herring

Katy Perry’s chilling nickname for former husband Russell Brand has been revealed amid accusations of sexual assault against him.

Last week, a joint investigation by The Times, The Sunday Times, and Channel 4’s Dispatches revealed that accusations of sexual assault and rape have been raised by four separate women against Brand.

The comedian took to his YouTube channel to deny the accusations before they were made public and claimed that all of his relationships were “consensual”.

Musician Perry and comedian Brand married in 2010 before officially divorcing two years later in 2012. Now, Piers Morgan has revealed the nickname Perry used to call him during their relationship.

In his The Sun column, Morgan said in 2013 he asked Perry if she wanted to sit down and talk about her divorce, which she declined, saying that she was “not ready yet”.

Morgan claims Perry added: “Because you’ll get the truth out of me, and ‘I’m just not ready to tell you the truth! In fact, I’m not sure I’m ready to admit the truth to myself.”

In the column, he also claimed that Perry used to call Brand “Rasputin” after Siberian man Grigori Rasputin, who was known for seducing women and befriending the imperial family of Tsar Nicholas II to gain influence.

Morgan alleged Perry explained: “You Brits are all the same, so damn confident… Trouble is, I find that irresistible. I love Brits… Well, not all of them – not Rasputin, obviously.”

Morgan said that he went on to tell Brand who reportedly said: “He was a pretty powerful bloke, he could manipulate folk with his eyes.

“I like Rasputin... he was all right, wasn’t he... a mad monk with magical, mystical powers, having it off with everyone, drinking and getting into fights.”

Though their divorce was finalised in 2012, it is alleged that 14 months into their marriage in October 2010, Brand sent Perry a text message saying he had filed for divorce.

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