Louis Theroux's Forbidden America starts on BBC2

Louis Theroux has spoken about his marriage, revealing that his wife told him she’d be fine with him having an affair.

The documentary maker discussed his relationship with Nancy Strang and also spoke about his experiences during lockdown in an interview with the True Geordie Podcast.

During the chat, which was released in January but only coming to widespread recognition now, saw Theroux talking about Strang, who he has been married to for 10 years.

Speaking on the pod, he said: "She said 'If you were ever thinking of having a relationship outside the marriage, or straying,' – I can't remember how she phrased it - she said 'I would be OK with that.'”

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He added: "And I was like 'Oh, well that's cool.'"

Theroux then admitted that he could never cheat on Strang because he’s a 'stranger to myself' and 'I don't always know what I'm feeling half the time'.

Theroux opened up about his marriage to StrangGetty Images

Theroux and Strang have three children together, 15-year-old Albert, 13-year-old Frederick and six-year-old Walter.

The 51-year-old also spoke about lockdown, and admitted he had a 'borderline drink problem' during the pandemic.

"During the pandemic, I was drinking bourbon – Kentucky bourbon. And I got into something called Bulleit, which an American friend had introduced me to,” he said.

"I've got some bourbon in the house, but typically if I had bourbon, I'll be like, 'F**k it, I'm going to have some now.'"

He continued: "I don't use the term 'blackout', but there were several times when I would wake up on the sofa or on the spare bed, not quite remembering the last couple of hours.

"For some reason, January 6, the night of the insurrection, I got mullered. I think there was a lot going on, and a lot of the people involved in what was going on at the White House – some of them were people that we'd been in touch with for documentaries, and had been in the process of making a documentary about members of far-right groups. And I was thinking, 'This is so weird, what's going on over there?'"

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