A music venue ingeniously tricked Louis Tomlinson fans who queued early

A music venue ingeniously tricked Louis Tomlinson fans who queued early
Louis Tomlinson can't believe he’s topped UK album charts

A music venue seemingly tricked fans of musician Louis Tomlinson who decided to camp out and queue early before his show - by letting them in last.

On Tuesday (13 December), UK-based record shop Banquet Records took to its official Twitter to update people on Tomlinson’s performance at London’s PRYZM nightclub.

“We are now aiming to start the second Louis Tomlinson show half an hour earlier at 8:30 to allow more time for people to get home with the train strikes.

“Earlier show remains doors v soon, show time of 6:00,” the post’s caption read, accompanied by a picture of the venue and its control system.

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However, the venue shared a subsequent tweet about who gets to go into the show first, noting that they know it will “upset” some people.

According to the post, each fan was given a coloured wristband.

The red wristband was given to people who were getting in the queue “very early,” and the silver band was given to people who arrived before 8pm.

There was also a third wristband that is blue, which was given to people who got in line at 8:30pm, as requested.

But despite people with red wristbands camping out early, the venue decided that they would make the blue wristbands come in first, “then silver, then red.”

Although some people online didn’t understand why those who arrived at the venue earliest would be let in last, others praised the venue, noting that other establishments need to move the same way.

One person on Twitter wrote: “Damn!!! respect for this more venues should have the balls to do this.”

“Queuing overnight, way too early, etc., is so strange to me and causes issues where there shouldn’t be issues. Follow the rules. The fan systems piss me off even more. Glad to see a venue stand up to this culture,” another added.

A third wrote: “Yes, finally, people [are] being held accountable for their ridiculous behaviour!”

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Tomlinson's concert is set to commemorate the release of his new album, Faith in The Future.

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