This man tried to humanely release a mouse back into the wild and it backfired in the worst possible way

Sometimes, despite the best intentions, things don’t work out the way we hope they will.

One person who must be feeling this way right now is John Hayden, who attempted to release a mouse safely into the wild after catching one in a humane trap in his house.

But seconds after being released, things didn’t work out so well…

Yup, it would appear that, shortly after being released, the mouse’s life came to a fairly brutal end at the hands of a bird.

Hayden can be heard saying goodbye to the mouse, calling it "buddy" and talking about how much better its life is going to be in the outside world. But as the bird swoops in, he says:

Oh God.

He followed up by saying that he’d told his son that the mouse couldn’t be kept as a pet because it’d be happier outside. Well… maybe not?

On Twitter, the clip quickly amassed over 200,000 likes. People thought it was hilarious.

Other parents shared similarly brutal experiences with nature…

So for future reference, if any of you are releasing a mouse into the wild, make sure you do it somewhere covered (if you want the mouse to live more than two seconds...)

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