Meet the 17-year-old star of the leaders' debate, Jonny Tudor

It's the name on every politico's lips after the debate.

Nope, not Nicola Sturgeon.

Jonny Tudor.

The 17-year-old was thrust into the political limelight after asking the first of four questions in last night's leaders' debate.

The seven party leaders debated his question, on the deficit, for over half an hour, and he was constantly name-checked, leading to Nick Clegg eventually coining the phrase "Jonny's generation".

He told ITV News after the debate it had been a surreal experience:

When it came up that I needed to put a question forward I didn't expect to get this far. My initial intention was just to be a member of the studio audience. It was just an added bonus and a privilege to be able to ask a question.

Being one of four questions to be truly central to the crux of the debate. It's quite humbling and it was a great honour for me.

On being constantly referred to by name, he added:

I initially felt quite taken aback about being on first name terms with the prime minister, and that was quite exciting for me.

The irony is of course that although Jonny does want to go into politics, he's not old enough to vote at this election.

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