Megan Fox's OnlyFans 'lookalike' flooded with Transformers requests

Megan Fox's OnlyFans 'lookalike' flooded with Transformers requests
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A 'Megan Fox lookalike' who quit her job to become an OnlyFans creator has opened up about her bizarre Transformers requests from subscribers.

Taylor Ryan, 26, said she makes £25,000 (£30,000) a month after quitting her Costa Coffee and Amazon delivery driver jobs.

It didn't take long for people to strike up a resemblance between the Exeter model and the famous actress – prompting some unique requests.

"'It's kind of laughable when I say I look like Megan Fox - I mean it's Megan Fox," Ryan told Daily Mail, "but people on TikTok started saying it and commented on my posts."

The comments inspired Ryan to start "wearing my hair extensions more and wearing a cat eye."

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She told the publication that someone once asked her to wear the same outfit as Fox in the Transformers film. They paid $300 (£250) for her to sport a bra top and short denim shorts while bending over and opening a car bonnet.

Ryan candidly added: "A lot of them are just for me to sit in a car topless and play with my boobs."

While her £25,000 a month salary is impressive, she also highlighted the notable amount of admin required throughout the working day.

"The late nights, they suck. It's the feeling you already have to be on it or have to stay somewhat engaged to the page. Sometimes I stay up until 4am."

As for what her family think, Ryan said she's very open about her career choice.

"'They know everything - I'm very open," she said. "I've always been destined to be a performer."

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