Model reveals how being a size two made her unhappy in powerful Instagram post

MissMiaKang / Instagram

Sports Illustrated model Mia Kang has shared a poignant Instagram post detailing her recovery from an eating disorder.

In the post, she compares a before and after shot. The first was taken in 2015, when she was a size 2 and dieting obsessively, and the second shows her as she is today, a healthy size 8.

Writing alongside the post, she shared her destructive daily lifestyle when she was obsessed with her weight:

I hadn't eaten solid food in 10 days and smoke[d] a pack of Marlboro Lights a day. I was obsessed with my collarbones, ribs and hip bones showing. I was obsessed with having a thigh gap.

She explained how she was about to shoot Sports Illustrated Swimsuit for the first time, and how she was striving to look like a Victoria's Secret underwear model.

I was told by the industry I never looked better but still had a little more weight to lose. I hated how I looked so much I thought I was fat and lived in constant anxiety.

Then, she goes into detail about how much healthier and happier she feels in the right hand side picture, despite the fact she's still adapting to her new physique, and still battles with feelings of insecurity:

I feel like I finally became a woman. I love my thighs, my curves. I love my strength and the fact I can probably whoop your ass.

Speaking in a candid interview with Health magazine in 2017, she details how one of the main tools she used to overcome her eating disorder was her love of martial arts.

Three months before she was named the winner of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search 2016 competition, she began practising Muay Thai, a form of hand-to-hand combat.

Through her training, she began to gain weight, something that she's learning to celebrate:

I want to show women that it's ok to gain weight. We have the pleasure of having fluctuating bodies, enjoy your curves, enjoy being a WOMAN.

You go girl!

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