Infamous anti-vaxxer Naomi Wolf pranked into sharing fake doctor’s quote from porn star Johnny Sins

<p>Fake news: A screenshot shows that Wolf shared the prank post but she’s since deleted it</p>

Fake news: A screenshot shows that Wolf shared the prank post but she’s since deleted it


Prominent anti-vaxxer Naomi Wolf was left red faced after she tweeted  a quote from a “doctor” who was, in fact, a porn star.

Wolf, a writer and former political advisor to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, spends much of her time on Twitter posting anti-vaccine and anti-mask propaganda.

So when she was sent a quote from what she believed to be a medical professional questioning the “pressure” people face to get vaccinated, she was happy to share it on her platform.

The problem was, it wasn’t from a medical professional, but a fake quote accompanied by a photo of adult film star Johnny Sins wearing scrubs.

Wolf was sent the prank by The Intercept reporter Ken Klippenstein, who wrote to her: “Hello Dr. Wolf, huge fan of your work. Admire your outspokenness.”

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Accompanying the message was the picture, alongside the quote – attributed to Dr. John Sims, MD – reading: “If a vaccine is effective, then why do you need to pressure people to take it.

“Informed consent means letting patients make their own choices.”

A screen-shot posted by Klippenstein shows that Wolf went ahead and tweeted the image, attributing it to “Dr John Sims.”

She later deleted the post, presumably when she learned of her mistake.

The prank has since been widely circulated, and praised, by comedian Kathy Griffin among others.

Griffin commented: "This is some of Ken’s best work. He got anti vaxxer Naomi Wolf to retweet ‘Dr’ Johnny Sins, who is in actuality well known porn star Johnny Sins."

Meanwhile, Sins clearly enjoyed being part of the joke.

He retweeted a post written by journalist Yashar Ali, saying: "Ken got Naomi Wolf - who is an anti-vaxxer and has been spreading misinformation left and right - to post a fake quote from a fake doctor along with a photo of the adult film star Johnny Sins.

"This is how top-notch her vetting of information is."

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