Nigel Farage says he can't be racist because he has black voters

Picture: Matt Frost/ITV via Getty Images
Picture: Matt Frost/ITV via Getty Images

Nigel Farage and David Cameron took a grilling from the public last night in the ITV EU referendum debate.

Both were questioned on immigration: the prime minister on his failure to carry out his manifesto pledge targets, Farage on his "scaremongering" and inflammatory comments against non-white people.

The Ukip leader was challenged by one woman who asked what safeguards he'd install against racist sentiment if an anti-immigration policy were to be formally introduced.

He replied:

I take a very strongly pro-Commonwealth view. I think it is very bad and wrong of us to turn our backs on the Commonwealth in favour of a European project and we have made a bad mistake.

What we do is if you have a qualification and you come from India or parts of Africa, you now find it very, very difficult to get into this country.

Noticing he had failed to answer the question, she replied:

You're still anti-immigration, you are scaremongering and inflammatory comments in your campaign that have gone against people that look non-white.

Farage started to reply that if she 'wanted to think that', she could, before the audience member replied:

I don't think that, the majority of people that look black British or are non-white have those concerns. You're dismissing that.

Farage replied:

Lots of them voted for my party in the last election, stand for us as candidates… you're not listening are you. I can't do a lot if I'm not allowed to talk.

He continued:

If we have an Australian-style points system rather than an open door to 508 million people then it will be better for black people coming into Britain who currently find it very difficult because we have this open door.

There is big support for this among the ethnic minorities in this country who know that our current open door policy is damaging all of our communities.

This response went down well with the audience member, as you can see.

Twitter was also full of much the same eye-rolling:

Watch the debate highlights in the video, below:

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