Noel Gallagher says he regularly gets offered "a couple of hundred million ...

Oasis and all-around British music icon Noel Gallagher is well known for not keeping his feeling under wraps therefore it's probably best not to get on the wrong side of him or make him feel awkward.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened when he and his family went for a bite to eat in a Spanish restaurant in Ibiza. The 55-year-old was probably hoping just for a quiet meal with no disturbances.

Sadly for him, the entire restaurant didn't quite get the memo as they awkwardly sang and clapped along as 'Wonderwall' was blasted out over the venue's speaker system.

A video was captured of the moment with Gallagher politely looking around himself and trying not to look too embarrassed as everyone else around sang the classic song completely out key and also clapped along. He did at least have the decency to applaud the crowd's efforts.


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Perhaps he might have been a bit more receptive if they hadn't chosen the most cliched Oasis song going. Perhaps it's too much to ask people to know all the words to 'Some Might Say,' 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' or one of Gallagher's own solo tracks.

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