People have a sad theory for why the world is so messed up right now

We're just going to leave this here...

Tom's not the only one to think this...

Others have also put forward this sentiment.

David Bowie probably wasn't actually god. He was a great musician.

Still, here are just some of the bad things that have happened in the world since Bowie left us - six months ago this week - on January 10.

  • An influx of celebrity deaths, such as Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, Terry Wogan, Ronnie Corbett, Victoria Wood, Prince, and Caroline Aherne, to name not all.

  • North Korea decided to launch a long-range rocket into space violating UN treaties.

  • A terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium, in which 32 victims were killed and hundreds injured.

  • A suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan, left more than 70 people dead.

  • The Panama Papers.

  • An EgyptAir flight crashed over the Mediterranean that left 66 people dead.

  • The United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. It has sparked a cacophony of economic and political uncertainty.

  • David Cameron stood down as prime minister.

  • Racist abuse and attacks in Britain increased.

  • Violent clashes between fans take place during Euro 2016. Particularly English and Russian supporters.

  • Islamists killed 20 foreigners at an upmarket bakery in Gulshan in Bangladesh.

  • And further suicide car bombings took place at a shopping district in Baghdad, Iraq, killing up to 300 people.

  • A man drove a truck through a large gathering of people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France.

  • The Turkish military attempted a coup to oust President Erdogan.

Could it be..?

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