A thoughtful poem written by a 73-year-old woman about non-binary pronouns has become a viral hit on Twitter.

The short poem was written by the aunt of Theo Nicole Lorenz, a non-binary writer and artist from Minnesota.

Theo states that the poem was written about pronouns in their aunt's church writing group and it is incredibly touching and poignant.

The poem reads:

This person I know

Wants to be called a they.

It cold bring us much closer

To see them that way.


It's a strange thing to think

And harder to say,

But they is so happy

When the effort is made.


For all the theys and thems

It is this that I pray,

We kind and accepting

Any just let them by they.

The tweet, which was posted on Tuesday has since been shared over 23,000 times on Twitter, has attracted a huge amount of praise and admiration for talking about such an important issue in such eloquent terms.

Even Chelsea Clinton commented on the power of the poem.

Theo's aunt seems like the most awesome person on the planet.

Theo also shared links to a couple of articles explaining the use of the word 'they' to describe non-binary people.

HT Pink News

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