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Queen Elizabeth II is now the world's oldest head of state at 91-years-old, after Robert Mugabe who was ousted as president of Zimbabwe on Tuesday.

But it gets even more remarkable than that: four out of five UK residents weren't alive when the Queen ascended the throne in, according to Business Insiderfigures.

After her father King George VI died in 1952, her coronation took place in 1953. Since then, she has outlasted 14 British Prime Ministers and 13 US Presidents.

The conclusion that 80 per cent of us have never known another monarch was reached using data from the UK Office for National Statistics which shows that 12 million Brits alive in 1952 were also around during the UK census in 2014.

Business Insider used age-specific death rates to extend that data to 2017.

No wonder the Queen is so central to the British national identity - after all, most of us have know nothing else.

Nationally, we are overwhelmingly supportive of the Queen and the monarchy that she represents.

When she dies, Britain will grind to a halt for at least 12 days, it will be unlike anything the coutnry has seen since the end of the Second World War.

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