6 reasons you can't get over your ex

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Your relationship wounds do not just disappear with a little space, according to relationship expert Patrick Wanis.

Patrick has designed a quiz to pinpoint the issues you might have with your ex, and why you're not over them.

Some of the reasons your emotions linger, according to Patrick, may be:

1. Anchors and Associations

If you associate positive memories and associations such as your favourite food, music or restaurant with an ex you may experience regret or yearning when you're exposed to theses things.

2. Emotional void

After a break up you can feel lost and confused and don't know what you want.

It may be very appealling to go back to someone secure, whose habits you know, even if it wasn't that great.

3. Euphoric recall

This is the scientific way of saying "rose-tinted glasses".

You've painted over all the bad things that may have caused you to break up and you're only remembering the good sides of the time you spent together.

4. Low self-esteem

How much you like yourself and how significant you feel can affect how you feel about your ex.

If you think no one else will want you, you might want to go back to them just because it's easy and attainable.

5. Stress or contact comfort

You're stressed following a break up.

You may want to be back to be in the arms of your ex simply because it's nice to be in someone's arms.

6. You thought they were "the one" or they "complete you"

This is an unhealthy attitude.

If you think only one person can make you feel whole, you deny the influence your decision-making has on your life, and your life outside your relationships.

He also explains a key reasons why breakups hurt so much, the brain processes social rejection the same way it processes physical pain.

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