Elderly Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe has declined to accept the Chinese version of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mugabe was honoured with the award last week for his work promoting "African peace" despite many accusations during his 28-year-rule that he has intimidated, tortured and killed political opposition.

On learning that the Confucius Prize, or the 'Chinese Nobel Peace Prize', is not officially connected to the Chinese government, a Mugabe spokesperson told Zimbabwean media:

The Chinese government informed the Zimbabwean government it was not associated with the conferring organisation. The matter ended there as far as government and the president were concerned.

The Confucius Prize was established in 2010, the same year that Chinese political dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel.

Previous winners include Vladimir Putin and Fidel Castro.

According to both independent and state-run Zimbabwean news sources, the news that Mugabe had won a knock-off peace prize was met with ridicule by Mugabe's political opponents.

Although the 91-year-old won't be going to collect his trophy and 100,000 yuan (£10,200) in prize money, relations between Zimbabwe and China are generally good.

Mugabe has visited China 13 times as president and Chinese investment in the ruined Zimbabwean economy amounts to more than $600million.

HT Quartz

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