Sam Smith had to pick between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian

YouTube / Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Sam Smith waded into dangerous waters whilst appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

For a reason that he might now regret, the singer volunteered to play 'Plead the Fifth', which is basically a glorified version of 'truth or dare' without the 'dare'.

Obviously, Cohen took the opportunity to make the situation as awkward as possible by asking whether Smith was Team Kim Kardashian or Team Taylor Swift in the pair's ongoing feud.

Awkwardness ensued with Smith saying:

Taylor Swift, I don't know her too well.

I think it's been made out that we know each other.

But I don't know her too well. 

I've only met her like five times very briefly.

Cohen pointed out that he did go to her birthday, but Smith explained:

I think a lot of people went. 

I got asked to go and it was great, but I didn't get to chat one-on-one with her.

But I know Kim more than I know Taylor. 

When asked whether that meant he was Team Kim, he said:

Well, there's no teams, is there really?

And on the feud, he echoed the thoughts of many people when he said:

I'd love to know all the details.

Still confused? Here's some background on the feud between Taylor and Kim, a particularly complicated celebrity squabble.

Take a deep breath.

Basically - very basically - Kim's husband Kanye West penned controversial lyrics in 'Famous' about Taylor Swift that he later defended, Taylor made a speech at the 2016 Grammys that many saw as a dig at Kanye, before Kim snapped back saying Taylor had approved Kanye's lyrics, then Taylor released a statement saying she'd never heard the song. Kanye later literally stripped Taylor down in the eyebrow-raising 'Famous' music video and Kim released apparent audio of Kanye and Taylor discussing the 'Famous' lyrics.

Oh - and this month, Kim posted a throwback on Instagram to Kanye's 'Famous' exhibit, enraging Taylor's fans so much that they flooded her Instagram with the rat emoji.

Yep, you might need a flow chart to keep up.

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