People are mad at this white woman who blacked up as several African tribespeople to 'raise awareness'

It's only January, and sadly, white people already need to just stop.

The year is 2016, where white people don't put on face paint pretending to be black people anymore, because it's been pointed out time and time again that it's racist.

But one Hungarian journalist has demonstrated in a rather spectacular fashion that she missed the memo.

Boglarka Balogh's post 'I Morphed Myself Into Tribal Women To Raise Awareness Of Their Secluded Cultures' appeared on Bored Panda recently.

Balogh said she was inspired by spending time in "various African countries" to: how beauty varies across the globe and prove that all of us are beautiful in a different way.

And the best way to do that, apparently, was to get a graphic designer to "transform" (photoshop) her with the hair, clothes, jewellery and skin tone and facial features of seven different sub-Saharan African women.

Balogh writes that the pictures celebrate the "stunning tribal beauties at the brink of extinction".

But the internet has been quick to ask why she decided she needed to black up to "raise awareness" rather than just take pictures of the women themselves:

And come to think of it, what point she was trying to make in the first place?

All images screenshots via Bored Panda

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