The most ridiculously posey pictures from Coachella (so far)

Around 99 per cent of people at Coachella are hoping for a modelling contract.

Some already have one, of course. This weekend's Californian music festival, with its sun and glory, is a far cry from the cold, damp fields of the UK, where Wellington boots replace bikinis. It's beautiful. Fine.

What's awkward is the people who treat Coachella not as a time for booze and music, but as an absolute Instagram pose-fest. With acai bowls. And fake tan.

You're not modelling for Calvin Klein yet, guys. Calm down.

When you're trying to look reflective but it just looks like you've seen a lizard.


Gazing out towards the horizon, contemplating life, wondering whether to make this shot your new Facebook profile pic.

Tim Burton called, he wants his costumes back.

Lads on tour.

'Do your best fish impression!' 'Oh you mean this one?'

Great abs, mate, but probably the worst shorts and trainers combo ever documented. Bad choices, re-think your life.

Is that cheese?

Gangster ferris wheel.

Running your hand through your hair in photos increases Tinder matches by 29 per cent.

Delete your account.

All pictures via the Coachella hashtag on Instagram

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