The worst thing that can happen on a family WhatsApp group happened

There’s nothing more potentially cringe-inducing than sending an explicit message to the wrong person.

One man’s worst fears were realised when he did just that and accidentally sent a dick pic to his entire family in a WhatsApp group chat.

The unfortunate man in question and his family immediately tried to do some damage control, though they soon found out there's no way something like that can be unseen.

His nephew Aashish told BuzzFeed:

After it happened, my uncle tried very, very hard to spam the entire conversation with forwards and news articles in the hope that it gets lost in the flood.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work. He added:

It took my dad at least 30 mins to figure out what had happened, and he immediately went on to delete all the nieces, nephews, and young cousins, including me.

Aashish also tweeted a screenshot of the group chat aftermath:

Picture: Twitter/Aashish Mehrotra

His wife, Shweta, who had already left the group because she was getting too many notifications, was not sympathetic. This was her reaction:

Picture: Twitter/Aashish Mehrotra

The whole fiasco soon went viral, though Aashish and Shweta later deleted their tweets - Aashish said his mother "wasn't happy at all".

He explained that that the family did not react well to their new found viral fame, which is pretty understandable given the circumstances.

Apparently this is how it went down:

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