YouGov Profiles is a site that collates data to give a demographic portrait of people who associate themselves with certain brands, individuals or past-times.

By analysing the profiles of 30,000 Scottish people, YouGov has come up with a top 20 list of the most popular people in Scotland, out of a total list of 5,000 public figures named on the site.

YouGov found that Nicola Sturgeon is Scotland's favourite person, ahead of Andy Murray, Billy Connolly, Alex Salmond and the Queen.

As the pollster notes:

This is a remarkable feat for a politician ‒ she outperforms national treasures like David Attenborough and Judi Dench whose careers carry none of the risk for offence or division exemplified by electioneering.

Because of the way the list was constructed (the overall rankings are a combination of positive sentiments and the number of times a named occurred), it throws up some choices that may appear 'un'-Scottish.


Kate Middleton is apparently the sixth most popular person in Scotland.

Four places ahead of Prince Harry.

And Jeremy Clarkson is somehow in 16th place.

Just ahead of Michael McIntyre.

For the full list, see below:

1 Nicola Sturgeon

2 Andy Murray

3 Billy Connolly

4 Alex Salmond

5 Queen Elizabeth II

6 Kate Middleton

7 Stephen Fry

8 David Attenborough

9 Dara O'Briain

10 Prince Harry

11 Jeremy Corbyn

12 Barack Obama

13 Morgan Freeman

14 Frankie Boyle

15 Judi Dench

16 Jeremy Clarkson

17 Michael McIntryre

18 Maggie Smith

19 Helen Mirren

20 Dawn French

For the full methodology, click here. And congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn for beating Barack Obama.

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