This baby gets dressed up in the greatest costumes when she's asleep

Most parents struggle just to get their young babies to sleep. Not photographer Laura Izumikawa.

She has been taking pictures of four-month-old daughter Joey Marie in a selection of brilliant costumes (all while asleep) and posting them to her Instagram page.

From Beyonce to The Little Mermaid, Los Angeles-based Izumikawa’s most popular posts have been liked tens of thousands of times.

Here are a selection of the best:

Goku from everyone's second favourite anime series Dragon Ball Z

The Michael Phelps look

Every baby should have a Beyonce baby grow

A sleeping Jam Master Jay from hip hop pioneers Run DMC

A sushi master, with what is probably not real sushi

*The one and only Slash from Guns N' Roses

A not so happy Arial with Triton's pitchfork

Finding Nemo, with your eyes closed

Han Solo and a very friendly looking Wookie

Everyone's favourite Game of Thrones bastard

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