The new leader of the Women's Equality Party will take aim at Britain's mainstream politicians on Tuesday for what she believes is a failure to tackle gender inequality.

Sophie Walker, who was elected as the party's first leader in July, will launch the party's policy platform in an address to members and supporters in London this morning and will highlight the fact that men outearn women by hundreds of billions of pounds every year.

Last year, men earned £516bn, while women earned just £271bn. That's a difference of £245bn.

It seems to me that they are more interested in claiming the right to deliver equality than actually [delivering] it.

Their only action is to shoot down any other party's talk about how they might deliver equality - reducing our right to participate to a cynical messaging contest.

Equality is not a manifesto detail to be bickered over. It's not politicians' property, to be doled out as they see fit.

  • Sophie Walker, Women's Equality Party
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