Artist asks for fee from 'friend' who wanted free portrait and her response was unbelievable

Louis Staples
Sunday 13 January 2019 09:15

People who work in creative industries often receive outrageous requests asking for their work for free.

Recently, a talented artist began calling out people who request portraits without offering compensation. Although requests are nearly always complimentary, people often forget that making art is a profession which artists deserve to be paid for. Though the artist had a less than pleasant encounter with an old acquaintance who asked for a commission for free, then reacted badly when they were informed that a portrait costs $50.

Bizarrely, after the artist politely informed the person, who is a college student, about the charge, things went downhill. The requestor said the artist's "dumb" drawings "suck". She even went as far as to say:

You can have fun trying to find people who will actually pay for your trash drawings.

After the exchange was posted on Reddit, users heaped praise on the artist for their handling of the situation.

H/T: Someecards