This app will tell you precisely what time you need to go to sleep

Ellen Stewart
Thursday 17 March 2016 16:30
Generic picture of a person who did not get enough sleep

You know you are getting old when the majority of your conversation revolves around the weather and how much sleep you managed the previous night.

And, if you are anything like the rest of the human population the phrase "I'm tired" will often escape your weary lips at least once a day. Usually at your desk after you've artificially kept yourself awake with too many caffeinated beverages. You're exhausted but boy are your hands shaking.

Our point being: sleep is important to being awake. Life, in general, is much better when you have enjoyed the required amount of sleep to keep you awake and functioning throughout the day.

Now a nifty web application,, will tell you exactly what time you should go to bed in order to maximise sleep, minimise the horror of waking up and feel like a real person while at work.

The site is able to pick optimum bedtimes based on the time you have to wake up, the assertion that a good night’s sleep consists of 5-6 "sleep cycles" and that it takes the average person 14 minutes to fall asleep.

At indy100 we rise at 5:45am...

... so we should go to bed at one of the following times...


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